General Terms and Conditions MH Academy

General Terms and Conditions for Hybrid and Online Events, hereinafter referred to as "Event", by the organiser Michaela Huber, hereinafter referred to as "Organiser".

(I) Technical conditions of participation

(1) Participants may be medical and psychological psychotherapists who can provide evidence of psychotherapeutic training and their licence to practise. Furthermore, KJP and participants who can prove qualifications related to the topic and who have been approved by the organiser on the basis of their special proven professional suitability. It is a prerequisite that all participants have sound previous knowledge in the field of psychotraumatology.

(2) Personal responsibility of the participants
Participation is on one's own responsibility. The willingness to participate in self-awareness exercises is a prerequisite, as is the ability to recognise and maintain one's personal limits (cf. also 4).

(3) Authorised to issue instructions
The organiser and the seminar leader are authorised to give instructions to the participants for the duration and within the framework of the event.

(4) Exclusion regulation
The organiser reserves the right to exclude participants from the event in special cases. Reasons may be that the participant disturbs the event permanently, against all admonitions, or behaves contrary to good manners to a considerable extent, so that a smooth running of the event can no longer be guaranteed.
If a participant gives the impression at the beginning or during the event that he/she is physically and/or mentally severely impaired, the organiser reserves the right to exclude this participant from the SV Day. This does not give rise to a claim for damages against the organiser.

(II) General Conditions of Participation

(1) Work units
The event will be held in working units of approx. 1.5 hours. During the short breaks, participants who have booked the face-to-face event will be provided with a snack and various hot and cold drinks at the venue.

(2) Costs
The costs of the event can be found in the contract. This price is to be paid in advance by direct debit (see contract). The processing costs are included in the price. The costs for the hybrid event are the same for both the online and the face-to-face version. The catering costs (tea, water and small snacks) during the presence event are included in the price. Accommodation costs are not included. There is no claim for reimbursement of costs against the organiser for online participants.

(3) Venue
The location of the event will be announced later. The organiser reserves the right to change the venue. This does not give rise to any claim for damages against the organiser.

(4) Special features for participation in the annual group
From a subject-specific and group-dynamic point of view - and for obtaining an overall certificate of participation in the year group - it is recommended to attend all seminars of the year group. The overall certificate can only be obtained if there are no more than 90 minutes of absence in the entire training series.

(5) Technical requirements for online participants
The event requires compliance with technical requirements, which are specified in the respective workshop description. Participants undertake to comply with these minimum technical requirements, to check in good time before participation whether the connection to the virtual conference room can be established and, if necessary, to rectify any existing technical faults, the rectification of which is their responsibility, in good time.

(6) Access to the online event
Participants will receive a link to the virtual conference room by e-mail from the technical seminar management shortly before the start of the event. Participants are obliged to protect the access data from unauthorised access. Furthermore, they are obliged to log in to the online platform with their first and last name and to have the camera switched on for the entire duration of the event. Only the participants have the right to use the access data. Passing on the access data to other persons is prohibited.
In the event of misuse, the organiser is entitled to block access to all online workshops booked by the participants. The participants are liable in case of non-compliance.

(7) Copyright
Participants are not permitted to reproduce, duplicate, record in data processing media and/or make available to third parties the working documents in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the organiser.

(8) Use of image and film material
Audio or video recording of the event is not permitted without the prior written consent of the organiser.

(9)   Minimum number of participants

The organiser reserves the right to cancel the presence and online event if the booking volume of 10 participants is not exceeded. There is also the possibility of a substitute date at short notice, which is at the discretion of the organiser, without giving rise to a claim for compensation.

(10) Change from hybrid to online event
The organiser reserves the right to convert the hybrid event into an exclusively online event without giving reasons. This shall not give rise to any claim for damages against the organiser.

(11) Formation of the contract
It is mandatory to register online via the "Michaela Huber Academy" using the completed and signed registration form.
Participants must give their direct debit authorisation on the registration form in order to register bindingly. The organiser guarantees to honour this 14 days before the event date.

(12) Resignation
If the participant withdraws from the contract no later than 18 full calendar days (Sunday, midnight) before the event, a processing fee of 60 euros will be due. For a withdrawal within the 18 calendar days before the start of the event, the event fee will be retained in full, even for personal reasons such as illness. Unless someone from the waiting list moves up.
In the event of withdrawal after the start of a professional development series that was booked as a complete series (e.g. annual group, three-part), a cancellation fee of 150€ per seminar will be charged, which must be paid immediately.

(13) Revocation of participation
Participation in the event that has already been confirmed can be revoked by the organiser up to 18 calendar days before the start of the event without giving reasons. Furthermore, the exclusion regulation under paragraph I (4) applies.

(14) DSGV
In accordance with the DSGV, we would like to point out that your address (not a private address) is required for invoicing and the list of participants. With your registration (paragraph 10) you authorise your personal data (business address, e-mail and telephone number) to appear in the list of participants.

(15) Revocation
The contractual declaration can be revoked in text form, by letter or e-mail, within two weeks without giving reasons. The period begins from the date of the contract signature on the registration form (paragraph 11).

(16) By registering for an event with Michaela Huber, participants accept the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions (GTCs).

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