Year Group 2023

All events of the MH Annual Group 2023

In the year-long group, the "state of the art" of diagnostics and trauma treatment for dissociative disorders is taught. Michaela Huber attaches particular importance to conveying the theoretical and practical therapy knowledge of dissociative identity splitting (D.I.S. or formerly "multiple personality); but all other dissociative and dissociation-like processes, from everyday absorption to ego-state disorder and other phenomena of the so-called "dissociative disorder not specified" (D.S. n.n.b. or DDNOS) are also explained. The distinction between "simple" post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (DESNOS) as well as differential diagnosis and comorbidity (for example with borderline disorder) are also covered.

30 March 2023
01 April 2023
ZDFheute interview on child abuse

Trauma, Dissociation and Trauma Memory - Year Group 2023

Hybrid event

In the first seminar of the year group, the participants learn about each other in a mindful and resource-oriented way ...

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12 May 2023
13 May 2023
Diagnosis of dissociative disorders

Diagnostics of dissociative disorders - year group 2023

Hybrid event

Why is trauma diagnosis only possible more precisely in the course of the work? Further acquaintance with the theory of structural ...

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23 June 2023
24 June 2023
Hypnotherapeutic possibilities and resource-oriented stabilisation

Hypnotherapeutic possibilities and resource-oriented stabilisation - year group 2023

Hybrid event

Why is it important to help control everyday, symptomatic and traumatic trance therapeutically? What does controlled ...

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01 September 2023
02 September 2023

Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities and Affect Modulation - Year Group 2023

Hybrid event

Dysfunctional attachment principles in families characterised by neglect, attachment trauma and maltreatment. The enemy within: ...

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13 October 2023
14 October 2023

Working through trauma in "bits and pieces" - year group 2023

Hybrid event

Stabilise and/or process: When to expose trauma - and when not to? Why is it that in many cases highly dissociative clients ...

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17 November 2023
18 November 2023

Trauma processing and long-term trauma - annual group 2023

Hybrid event

Example in demonstration and small group work based on a life conflict. of the participants, the affect chain. Is "it" now really allowed to ...

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