Diagnosis of dissociative disorders

Year Group, F2, Day 1 (F2.1): Diagnostics of dissociative disorders - year group 2023

F2.1 will take place on 12.05.2023 from 12-19 hrs.

F2.2 will take place on 02.06.2023 from 12-19 hrs.

Friday 12.00 - 19.00

Why is trauma diagnosis only possible more precisely in the course of the work? Further acquaintance with the theory of structural dissociation. Process diagnostics in the course of therapy - how to proceed step by step? Primary, secondary and tertiary structural dissociation; what exactly is meant by ANP and EP? Formal and informal diagnostics. How to diagnose dissociative disorders in children? Video example. Participants will learn about a number of questionnaires, both about trauma in general and - especially - about dissociative processes, including the FDS and the SKID-D. Why is it essential to ask for examples and how can this be done practically? Differential diagnostics, including: Complex PTSD, borderline, schizophrenia/psychosis. Case supervision.


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