Hypnotherapeutic possibilities and resource-oriented stabilisation

Hypnotherapeutic possibilities and resource-oriented stabilisation - year group 2023

Friday 12.00 - 19.00 and Saturday 11.00 - 18.00

Why is it important to help control everyday, symptomatic and traumatic trance therapeutically? What does controlled switching mean? Pacing and leading. Casual reorientation and systematic "retrieval" of uncontrolled abre- actions. Participants are invited to create their own inner map and learn how to open the "inner stage" in the therapeutic process and how to work with conscious as well as unconscious parts of the personality. What does a resource and a stress diagram look like? And how can old and new resources be anchored? Creating an imaginary "resource team"; live demonstration and small groups. What is a "safe place" - and what is not? From external to internal security. Video example. Case supervision.


For the booking of this seminar a Registration with the MH Academy required.


23. - 24.06.2023




Hybrid event
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