Walk & Talk
on Fuerteventura

Discover your inner strength on Fuerteventura:
Walk & Talk with Jac Schwarz

Are you facing a mountain of challenges? Do you feel overwhelmed by grief, trauma or stress? Or are you simply longing for a powerful change in your life, be it in your private life or at work?

Fuerteventura is calling you! In the breathtaking scenery of this sun-drenched island, we offer you a safe space to kick-start your personal restart. This is your chance to regenerate physically and mentally and make a fresh start.

💪🏽 Movement - Feel how your body breathes new life into yoga, hiking or surfing.

👂🏽 Accompaniment & hearing - We are here to listen to you and support you empathically on your journey. You are not alone.

🌟 Peace and quiet - Find peace on hidden beaches and in the vastness of the desert landscape.

🧩 Solutions - Together we will work out ways to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle of your life.

Let's walk this path together!

Life doesn't wait, and self-care is the beginning of everything. Are you ready to take the first step? Come and join us on Fuerteventura and be inspired by the power of the island. Your journey back to the real you starts here and now.

Let's walk this path together!

Write to us and together we will shape your personal path to renewal.

The "Refugium" package includes, in addition to the one-week accommodation:

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Walk & Talk

Join Mrs Jacqueline Schwarz on a refreshing and inspiring journey for body and mind on a 'Walk & Talk' experience in Fuerteventura. The island's picturesque coastline and calming landscapes provide the perfect backdrop to focus on self-care and personal development.

During the walk you will have the opportunity to walk and reflect in a group of like-minded people. The challenges and surprises of life - whether grief, trauma, sudden changes or stress - are often better dealt with when we support each other and share our experiences.

Starting price: 90 Euro

Mrs Jacqueline Schwarz will accompany you on this journey with a great deal of empathy and professional guidance. Her friendly and attentive approach opens up a space in which you can find both listeners and valuable insights. She offers practical tools and strategies aimed at tapping into personal reserves of strength and developing real solutions for your individual concerns.

Experience how exercise in nature not only strengthens your physical health, but also your mental health. Take the time to feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the gentle sound of the sea and gain new clarity in your personal or professional development. With every step you take on Fuerteventura's inspiring trails, you will come closer to your true self and return to your everyday life with renewed strength and courage. Take this step and let Mrs Jacqueline Schwarz accompany you on your journey.

Discretion and the protection of personality are our top priority. Therefore, you can also contact us anonymously at first. Simply use our contact form: https://michaela-huber.com/kontakt/ stating an email address that is safe for you.

All info under info@michaela-huber.com

Interested parties will receive our terms and conditions with a confidentiality clause after contacting us and having initial discussions before booking, so that "Walk & Talk" locations remain what they are intended for. Protected retreats for professionals from the health sector, media, politics, business and society.

We look forward to seeing you.

Your MH Academy Team


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