Walk & Talk
in the Algarve, Portugal

Improve your quality of life in challenging times - coaching and supervision in Portugal

Algarve, a region full of unspoilt nature, long sandy beaches, quiet islands and protected mountain regions

"We all need places of reflection and experienced guidance to delve deeper into what lies beyond our knowledge and skills and to discover new terrain." - A space for personal growth in the picturesque surroundings of Portugal awaits you.

💭 Self-knowledge as a pillar of self-care

"The discoveries you make on your personal journey have an immediate, positive impact on your professional life." - Michaela Huber

🔍 Are you looking for a new perspective?

Do you have questions about your life that need answers? Your desire for self-care and personal growth is a clear indicator of your commitment to nurturing yourself.

🌪️ Are you affected by stressful experiences, trauma or stress?

Let's walk this path together!

You will find peace and new vigour in Portugal's breathtaking nature. Exercise, expert guidance, attentive listeners and personalised solutions will support you on your journey.

Let's walk this path together!

Write to us and together we will shape your personal path to renewal.

The "Refugium" package includes, in addition to the one-week accommodation:

Also included:

Optionally bookable:

Procedure and further information

Walk & Talk

Embark on a refreshing and inspiring journey for body and mind on a 'Walk & Talk' experience in the Algarve. The picturesque coastline and calming landscapes provide the perfect backdrop to focus on self-care and personal development.

During the walk you will have the opportunity to walk and reflect in a group of like-minded people. The challenges and surprises of life - whether grief, trauma, sudden changes or stress - are often better dealt with when we support each other and share our experiences.

Starting price: 90 Euro


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