Year Group, F4, Day 1 (F4.1): Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities and Affect Modulation - Year Group 2023


F4.1 will take place on 01.09.2023 from 12-19 hrs.

F4.2 will take place on 22.09.2023 from 12-19 hrs.

Friday 12.00 - 19.00

Dysfunctional attachment principles in families characterised by neglect, attachment trauma and maltreatment. The enemy within: How perpetrator loyalty and perpetrator identification give rise to affect modulatio. Controlling the violent emotions and turning perpetrator-loyal and perpetrator-identified reach of the personality into admonishers, warners and/or guardians and protectors if possible? Cooperation on the inner stage; ideomotor finger signals and further cooperation with the (previously) dysfunctional inner parts. Techniques such as modality change, level and other controller techniques are introduced as well as examples of the screen method. Video demonstration. Case supervision.


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