Part 3: Progress in exit counselling or therapy: from survival to "life afterwards" (3.1 on 12.04.24 / 3.2 on 26.04.24)

This ticket grants access/entry to both days of the 3rd part (12.04.2024 & 26.04.2024).

Part 3.1 will take place on 12.04.2024 from 12-19 hrs.

Part 3.2 will take place on 26.04.2024 from 12-19 hrs.

3-part consecutive further training on the topic: "Organised crime

It is not easy for someone who has been controlled for many years by (groups of) perpetrators to be free and to build a self-determined life. And when perpetrators have committed capital crimes, they make sure that the victims are reminded of their silences for the rest of their lives or are told to "go back" again and again. How to deal with the fact that the back and forth can last many years, even internally? How to deal with the sometimes great feelings of guilt about having been involved (allegedly or really) as a perpetrator or co-perpetrator? How can trafficked persons learn to form a more complete picture of the traumatising life experiences despite the dissociation? What process techniques can help to process the sometimes extremely extreme experiences of abuse and the alleged or "voluntary" or forced complicity? How to deal with the longing for belonging, faith, ideological inner home? How to deal with the bitterness of realising who knew what and participated in the exploitation or profited from it, who did not help, what loss of life there was along the way? What can everyday life look like "afterwards", are there still external and internal hazards that should be dealt with? What training and job opportunities are realistic? How much stress can be endured, where do sore points remain? Will the many become one, and where are the "breaking points"? How can those affected use their potential of knowledge, creativity and wisdom - for themselves, for others, for "bearing witness"? If one cannot "make amends" for the deeds - what else can one do to compensate? Which forms of self-help, support forums, affected persons' networks are useful and worthy of support, and where should caution be exercised?

Friday 12.00 - 19.00


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Teilnahme Teil 3.1 & 3.2 - Fortschritte in der Ausstiegs-Beratung bzw. Therapie: Vom Überleben zum „Leben danach“ (Seminarblock Teil 3)
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